Motion Graphics
January 19, 2012


Layout Oracle Motion Graphics 1
Layout Oracle 1
Layout Oracle Motion Graphics 2
Layout Oracle 2
Layout Oracle Motion Graphics 4
Layout Oracle 3
Layout Oracle Motion Graphics Tracking 3
Layout Oracle Tracking
Layout Motion Graphics Waveform
Layout Music Waveform
Layout Transition Motion Graphics 3
Layout Transition
Layout Logo Animation 1
Layout Logo Animation 2
Layout Logo Animation 3
Layout Logo Animation 4
Layout Logo Animation 5
Layout Logo Animation 6
Layout Logo Animation 7

The Layout TV program aims to be a snapshot of creativity in Portugal. We treat both the most and the least talked-about subjects in the same way: from a less obvious, more innovative perspective, regardless of their importance (timing, edition, and prominence). There is, and should be, no distinction between the most renowned artist/designer/scientist and the lesser-known one. All people are equally important, as long as they are creative, innovative, and interesting.

The branding has been developed by 2MG (Tiago Vaz and Joel Ribeiro)

Branding: Tiago Vaz and Joel Ribeiro

Motion Graphics: Diogo Lopes


Design motion graphics based on the on the TV show branding

  • Strategy

    Motion Design

  • Design

    Motion Graphics Design

  • Client

    2MG - RTP

  • Industry


Open Project