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April 1, 2017

TEDxOporto – Verdade ou Consequência

In our youth, many played Truth or Dare, a game that tested self-confidence and involved sharing embarrassing information or taking on challenges if one declined. In adulthood, this dynamic persists, with our adherence to truth wavering for short-term convenience, sometimes manipulating facts to fit personal beliefs. We contemplate the consequences of this behavior, questioning the nature and purpose of truth, its value, and whether an absolute truth exists. We also explore the role of science, religion, and spirituality in pursuing truth. This introspective journey extends to societal attitudes, revealing a preoccupation with short-term perspectives.

TEDxOporto explored these themes, seeking new truths, perspectives, and ideas that shape the future beyond our daily lives. These discussions guide us toward novel concepts and projects, offering a forward-looking perspective.

TEDx is an independently organized initiative rooted in TED’s overarching mission of exploring and promoting “ideas worth spreading.” TEDx extends the essence of TED to various local communities worldwide through the hosting of TEDx events. These gatherings are orchestrated by enthusiastic individuals who aim to unearth fresh ideas and disseminate the latest research pertinent to their respective regions, stimulating discussions within their communities. TEDx events encompass live presentations and pre-recorded TED Talks. They operate autonomously under a free license granted by TED. Although TED does not exercise direct control over these events, organizers commit to adhering to TED’s event format and receive guidelines for curating, coaching speakers, event coordination, and other aspects. This collaborative approach fosters mutual learning among organizers and leads to the annual hosting of more than 3,000 events globally.


Design the event branding for the 2017 edition TEDxOporto

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