Events Poster
November 6, 2010

XII Grande Noite de Fados Académicos

The poster’s concept aimed to suggest the outline of a guitar neck through a textured text stain, complemented by an illustration of a rosette—a specific type of guitar associated with a member of the Fados Group. The intention was to present the guitar in an indirect manner, providing the viewer with cues to mentally construct the image. The text stain design was intended to accommodate a substantial amount of information. It is segmented by horizontal lines that mimic the frets on a guitar. The contrast of the black background enhances the prominence of the white illustration and text stain, aligning with the context of the black academic attire typically worn.


Design the branding for the event

  • Strategy

    Graphic Design

  • Design

    Art Direction, Poster

  • Client

    Grupo de Fados do ISEP

  • Industry