August 29, 2011

Arte de Escrever

This book delves into the realm of written culture, specifically exploring the printed manual of Portuguese calligraphy titled “Exemplares \\ de diversas sortes de letras \\,” extracted from Manvel Baratta’s polygraphy dating back to the XVI century. Notably, this manual, published twice between 1590 and 1592, stands as the sole specimen in the national graphic landscape, uniquely representing the art of fine writing during that century. The focus of the communication lies within the domains of Calligraphy and the History of the Antique Book, concentrating on both the calligraphic and printed aspects of Manuel Barata’s work. The examination of Barata’s calligraphic contributions includes an analysis of exhibited styles, graphical options, typologies, and variations in comparison to Spanish and Italian counterparts.

The book has been designed to follow the rules of a PhD document submission but to take inspiration from books designed in the XV and XVI centuries.


Design the PhD thesis edito

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    Historical Research

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    Ana Duque

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