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October 12, 2013

Jogos de Tabuleiro – Estudo dos Sistemas Visuais

Board games, integral to human history, serve various purposes such as collections, entertainment, education, and the simulation of social practices. Advancements in technology have rendered board games visually complex, employing diverse graphics languages to communicate game mechanics. Symbols and graphic signs on board games are crucial for understanding mechanics, making them relevant to Communication Design research.

The board serves as a graphic medium, conveying mechanical information through a small set of rules and visual elements. The research focuses on exploring these layers, divided into three phases: a historical survey, understanding game mechanics, and observation and analysis of games. The thesis aims to analyze visual communication systems within Proprietary Board Games, including historical and social contexts, and defining the concept of board games. This research provides a comprehensive understanding of board games as design objects, emphasizing deconstructive analysis and the identification of visual systems.

The artwork was based on the deconstruction of the design of board games, referencing blueprints and the wonderful graphics that are iconic in these games.


Research the graphic design patterns of board games and editorial design of the book.

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    Diogo Lopes

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