Branding UI/UX
July 21, 2015

Kinematix Tune

TUNE stands out as an innovative wearable designed specifically for runners, offering valuable insights into your running technique. By unveiling the typically unseen behaviors of your feet on the ground, TUNE enhances your awareness of how to improve your running performance. Recognizing that every individual possesses distinct physical and running traits, TUNE identifies these unique factors to craft a personalized Running Plan tailored to optimize your form. Pioneering the integration of performance metrics and form analysis in real-world running scenarios, TUNE empowers you to continuously enhance your running experience by providing actionable guidance for ongoing improvement.

Kinematix Tune branding draws inspiration from the dynamic visuals of track and field, seamlessly blending them with the familiar UI elements found in mapping applications. This fusion creates a distinctive identity that resonates with runners, reflecting both athleticism and technological sophistication.

A modular approach was pivotal in crafting the various elements that constitute the Kinematix Tune branding. This method allowed for flexibility and adaptability, ensuring consistency across different platforms and contexts while accommodating future developments.

Extensive research guided the creation of the user interface (UI), with a focus on usability and effectiveness. Intensive testing of similar running tracking apps provided valuable insights into user preferences and expectations. By incorporating user feedback and best practices, the UI was refined to deliver an intuitive and seamless experience for runners.

In addition to UI optimization, the usability of the device itself underwent rigorous testing. Prioritizing user comfort and security, Kinematix Tune was subjected to thorough evaluations to ensure a snug fit, reliable performance, and minimal interference with the runner’s movement. This commitment to user-centric design enhances the overall experience, fostering trust and confidence in the device’s capabilities.


Design the branding and user interface for Kinematix Tune

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