January 7, 2022

Vertical Cannabis Partners

Vertical Cannabis Partners collaborates with entrepreneurs in the Cannabis and CBD industry, assisting them in achieving their goals. Our comprehensive services encompass top-notch operational consulting, training, marketing support through service partnerships, as well as development and distribution spanning from initial seed stages to final sales.


FuseHub approached me for the creation of a distinctive logo for Vertical Cannabis Partners, aiming to establish a business-oriented brand image set apart from conventional cannabis-associated visuals. The focus was on conveying professionalism and illustrating the vertical integration of services, covering operational consultancy to marketing. The goal was to visually emphasize the vertical nature of the business and represent Vertical Cannabis Partners as a comprehensive service provider for CBD entrepreneurs.


Despite a well-crafted proposal, this project did not proceed, as another proposal was selected. However, it showcased Vertical Cannabis Partners’s commitment to delivering high-quality design solutions.


Details of this project were generously shared by FuseHub, a Vancouver Island-based marketing and communication firm known for delivering top-tier quality and care at a cost-effective rate.


Design the logo for Vertical Cannabis Partners

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